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Mohamed has been drumming since the age of 4, coming from a long line of Griot Master Drummers in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa!

Extremely passionate about his work, Mohamed loves sharing his extensive knowledge with others, not only bringing people together through the power of rhythm but explaining the history behind the music and the culture that comes with it.

Mohamed and his team of dedicated drummers have a wealth of experience in facilitating drumming workshops, and have been doing so for more than 10 years, safe to say your event is in good hands! 

Bringing a high energy, positive environment for your team to create something special together, this is truly an experience that won't be forgotten!



Penny has been drumming since the age of 15, starting out on drum kit and then moving into the world of percussion more than 10 years ago. She regularly performs at events across the UK and internationally, and organises West African drumming events in the UK and Senegal.

Having visited West Africa multiple times to study the incredible music that originates there, she often visits schools to share her knowledge with the next generation.

Penny absolutely loves bringing people together to share her passion for West African rhythms, and is looking forward to working with you on your next event!

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